Using online modules to build capacity for teacher resilience



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Beltman, S., Mansfield, C. F., Wosnitza, M., Weatherby-Fell, N. & Broadley, T. (2018). Using online modules to build capacity for teacher resilience. In M. Wosnitza, F. Peixoto, S. Beltman & C. F. Mansfield (Eds.), Resilience in Education Concepts, Contexts and Connections (pp. 237-253). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.


Teacher resilience is regarded as a complex, multidimensional, dynamic construct. Enhancing teacher resilience can potentially increase teacher commitment, yet interventions to build resilience in pre-service programmes are scarce. This chapter examines the effectiveness of the BRiTE (Building Resilience in Teacher Education) online modules to develop pre-service teachers' capacity for resilience in Australia. The modules are briefly described. Perceptions of 146 final year pre-service teachers were gathered regarding resilience, self-efficacy, commitment and coping before completing the BRiTE modules and their final professional experience school placement. Both pre- and post-school placement measures were completed by 49 participants. To determine the impact of using the modules, matched data sets were divided with "users" (n = 32) scoring significantly higher scores than "non-users" (n = 17) on five post-placement survey scales. Despite some limitations, there was an indication that using the online modules assisted pre-service teachers develop their capacity for resilience. Adapting the modules for use with in-service teachers and other professionals is an avenue for future research. This study has significance, given the importance of teacher professional resilience, and suggests that interventions developed for pre-service contexts can make a difference.

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