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Cavanagh, V. (2016). The Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team Project - Building Indigenous knowledge and skills to improve urban waterways in Sydney's Georges River Catchment. In G. J. Vietz, A. J. Flatley & I. D. Rutherfurd (Eds.), Proceedings of the 8th Australian Stream Management Conference (pp. 141-148). River Basin Management Society.


Indigenous Ranger programs, which are predominantly located in regional and remote areas, are commendable for their jobs creation, for strengthening of livelihoods of individuals and communities, and for the cultural and environmental outcomes they engender. However, can similar outcomes be attained in a highly urban setting? This paper is a case study of a current project, the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team in the Georges River in Sydney's south-west. Through the narrative of the Aboriginal trainees who have been members of the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team ('the Team'), this paper will illustrate how an environmental project has been successful in delivering significant cultural outcomes for its participants, and how through this culture-rich traineeship, the project is continuing the concept of Indigenous caring for Country in a highly urbanised setting.