Active outdoor play



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Wyver, S., Tranter, P., Naughton, G., Bundy, A. & Engelen, L. (2017). Active outdoor play. In R. Grace, K. Hodge & C. McMahon (Eds.), Children, Families and Communities (pp. 222-241). South Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press.


Countries such as Australia are failing to provide contexts in which children can be sufficiently active in outdoor play (Little & Wyver, 2008; Schranz et al., 2014). The decline in opportunities for outdoor play has been identified as a contributing factor to overweight/obesity and other chronic conditions (McCurdy, Winterbottom, Mehta, & Roberts, 2010). In this chapter we start from the premise that all children have the right to play and recognise that almost all the countries of the world, including Australia, are signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Hart, 2013).

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