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Mugumbate, J. & Nyoni, C. (2013). Disability in Zimbabwe under the New Constitution: Demands and Gains of People with Disabilities. Southern Peace Review Journal, 2 (2), 178-195.


People with disabilities looked at the constitution making process as their biggest opportunity to have their dreams realised. They had numerous expectations including increased opportunities in health, education, social protection, habitation, participation and employment. Although they were excluded from the first stages of the process, they were later actively involved. The outcome of their involvement has been several provisions in the constitution addressing disability concerns. The extent to which these provisions are adequate or inadequate has been a subject of contention. This article looks at the provisions in the final version of the constitution that received presidential assent on 22 May 2013 vis-a-vis the expectations and demands of people with disabilities and concludes that the new constitution, unlike the previous one, takes a more inclusive approach which is the one preferred by the people living with disabilities, their organisations as well as other people, organisations and interest groups interested in the cause of people with disabilities.