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Thewes, B., Davis, E. L., Girgis, A., Valery, P. C., Giam, K., Hocking, A., Jackson, J., He, V., Yip, D. & Garvey, G. (2016). Routine screening of Indigenous cancer patients' unmet support needs: A qualitative study of patient and clinician attitudes. International Journal for Equity in Health, 15 (90), 1-12.


Indigenous Australians have poorer cancer outcomes in terms of incidence mortality and survival compared with non-Indigenous Australians. The factors contributing to this disparity are complex. Identifying and addressing the psychosocial factors and support needs of Indigenous cancer patients may help reduce this disparity. The Supportive Care Needs Assessment Tool for Indigenous People (SCNAT-IP) is a validated 26-item questionnaire developed to assess their unmet supportive care needs. This qualitative study reports on patient and clinician attitudes towards feasibility and acceptability of SCNAT-IP in routine care.



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