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Small, P., Neilsen-Hewett, C. & Sweller, N. (2013). Individual and contextual factors shaping teachers' attitudes and responses to bullying among young children: Is education important?. Asia-Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education, 7 (3), 69-101.


This study examined how pre- and post-service early childhood teachers' beliefs and responses to bullying among young children differ by level of qualification, type of bullying and whether or not it was witnessed. Results showed 1st and 4th-year student- and diploma-qualified teachers perceived acts of physical bullying to be more serious than verbal or relational bullying to a greater extent than did degree-qualified teachers. Degree-qualified teachers were less susceptible to bullying type and indicated they would be more likely to intervene than the other three groups. Results are discussed in relation to their implication for teaching practice and the content of pre-service education.