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Rogers, W. A., Mansfield, P. R., Braunack-Mayer, A. J. & Jureidini, J. N. (2004). The ethics of pharmaceutical industry relationships with medical students. Medical Journal of Australia, 180 (8), 411-414.


  • Little research has been done on the extent of the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and medical students, and the effect on students of receiving gifts.

  • Potential harms to patients are documented elsewhere; we focus on potential harms to students.

  • Students who receive gifts may believe that they are receiving something for nothing, contributing to a sense of entitlement that is not in the best interests of their moral development as doctors.

  • Alternatively, students may be subject to recognised or unrecognised reciprocal obligations that potentially influence their decision making.

  • Medical educators have a duty of care to protect students from influence by pharmaceutical companies.