Current Australian programs for international field placements



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Cleak, H. & Fox, M. (2011). Current Australian programs for international field placements. In C. Noble & M. Henrickson (Eds.), Social work field education and supervision across Asia Pacific (pp. 23-44). Australia: Sydney University Press.


The social work profession has become more attentive to its international dimension through raising students' awareness of how global issues influence local concerns and by developing their awareness of cultural competencies. This educational focus on international issues, as well as increased student mobility and interests and overseas employment opportunities, has seen an increasing demand for international placements by social work students in recent years. The first. section of this chapter outlines the effects of globalisation on the organisation and delivery of social work services domestically, as well as its increasing importance within the social work curriculum. The second section briefly outlines the educational standards and principles that underpin field education programs and processes in Australia, and how the Australian Association of Social Workers Accreditation Standards are incorporated into international field placement programs in the Asia-Pacific region operating in some Australian universities.

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