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Ravulo, J. (2014). Developing Diversity Awareness and Practices in the National Rugby League (NRL): Progressive Player Participation and Club Collaborations. Western Sydney University.


In 2010 when Timanu Tahu voluntarily left the NSW State of Origin camp days before the second of three games due to racial taunts, sporting organisations and fans alike were outraged (Kogoy & Read 2010). Outraged by the lack of tolerance a professional staff member and former NRL player showed towards the individual who the comment was directed about, and the lack of tactfulness in thinking such racial taunts would be accepted and not challenged. Sport should provide scope for people to feel included, as it promotes the opportunity for teams to compete, and create a sense of unity from where they are from. In contrast, Rugby League's history is grounded in progressive inclusivity, recruiting diverse players in its appeal to its respective working class audience (Collins 1998).