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Ravulo, J. (2010). 'More Than a Warm Bed & a Hot Meal' - Holistic Approaches to Youth Homelessness Through Short Term Accommodation. Sydney: Mission Australia.


Youth homelessness is marred by problems around family breakdowns, mental health concerns, substance use and abuse, and the lack of stable accommodation (Homelessness Taskforce 2008). With noted decreases over the last decade, youth homelessness still remains a contested policy topic, with need to develop a streamlined approach in understanding solutions. An emphasis on early intervention is an increasing part of a commitment to decreasing the idea of young people becoming homeless in the first place. National and State Governments are working hard on developing policy positions that promote a shared responsibility to the problem. Renewed financial commitments are being profiled, and funding reforms, including the new branding associated with services, is being rolled out and implemented. This paper will review strategies and specific responses to youth homelessness through a strength based and holistic short term youth accommodation service model, recently implemented in south west Sydney. Furthermore, attention will also be focussed on how community collaborations are led by innovation within practice itself, and commitment to work strategically with community stakeholders, including the young people themselves.