Everyday uncertainties: reframing perceptions of risk in outdoor free play



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Niehues, A. N., Bundy, A., Broom, A., Tranter, P., Ragen, J. & Engelen, L. (2013). Everyday uncertainties: reframing perceptions of risk in outdoor free play. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 13 (3), 223-237.


This paper reports the results of risk reframing, an intervention to offer parents and educators a context for building new and complex perceptions of risk in children's outdoor free play. Our objective was to alter these adults' perceptions of risk to increase the sustainability of an innovative child-centred playground intervention. Qualitative data in the form of audio-recordings of risk-reframing sessions, brief participant evaluations and field notes kept by project staff were collected and either transcribed in their entirety or summarised in brief written reports. These data were subjected to constant comparative analysis to identify emergent themes. Results suggest that educators and parents benefit from opportunities to share risk perceptions and discuss the costs and benefits for offering outdoor free play to children to achieve their common goals for children: health, happiness and resilience.

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