Understanding self-regulated learning in open-ended online assignment tasks



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Bennett, S., Lockyer, L., Kennedy, G. & Dalgarno, B. (2018). Understanding self-regulated learning in open-ended online assignment tasks. In D. Boud, R. Ajjawi, P. Dawson & J. Tai (Eds.), Developing Evaluative Judgement in Higher Education Assessment for Knowing and Producing Quality Work (pp. 90-98). London: Routledge.


Contemporary university courses increasingly require students to navigate more open-ended, student-centred tasks, many of which are supported by digital technologies that supplement or replace face-to-face classes. To be successful, students must be able to interpret open-ended task requirements and independently regulate their own learning, either partly or solely online. At the same time, higher education teachers are expected to design high-quality tasks and provide effective support face-to-face and online. Although the situation is increasingly familiar to those who research and teach in higher education, there is much we do not fully understand about how to achieve the best outcomes for students in this context.

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