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Quinlan, E., Deane, F. & Crowe, T. (2018). Interpersonal problems amongst mental health carers: a qualitative study. Social Work in Mental Health, Online first 1-22.


2018 Taylor & Francis Mental health carers are affected by the relationship with the person for whom they provide care, and these interpersonal aspects of caregiving have received limited attention. This article explores mental health carer's experiences of interpersonal problems within their caring relationship. Qualitative methodology was used, with semi-structured interviews based on biographical narrative and Core Conflictual Relationship Theme framework. Participants were 28 adult carers of people with mental health problems. Thematic analysis identified the following themes: emotion management, aggression, avoidance, responsibility, control, communication, and role challenges. Findings indicate mental health caregivers experience a myriad of interpersonal problems and raise implications for policy and clinical practice.



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