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Forrester, T., Sandison, C. E. & Denny, S. (2017). A secondary mathematics teacher's perceptions of her initial attempts at utilising whiteboarding in her classes. In A. Downton, S. Livy & J. Hall (Eds.), 40 years on: We are still learning (pp. 1-8). Melbourne: MERGA.


Excellent mathematics teachers establish learning environments that encourage students to actively engage with mathematics and foster co-operative and collaborative learning. Whiteboarding, using an erasable surface on which to work and share ideas, has been shown to increase student engagement, collaboration, and higher-order thinking. We report on one teacher's experiences as she introduces whiteboarding into her secondary mathematics classroom. The teacher reports increased student confidence and collaboration and we see a shift in her focus from concerns about classroom management, to a passionate recommendation to use whiteboarding in mathematics instruction.