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Green, C., Eady, M. & Andersen, P. (2018). Preparing quality teachers: Bridging the gap between tertiary experiences and classroom realities. Teaching and Learning Inquiry: the ISSOTL Journal, 6 (1), 104-125.


The profound impact of quality teachers on student learning has been widely recognised by researchers and stakeholders alike (Adoniou, 2013; Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership [AITSL], 2011; Darling-Hammond, 2006a; McConney, Price & Woods-McConney, 2012). Teachers are responsible for the increasingly complex task of preparing diverse students for a dynamic world that requires creative, reflective, and critical thinkers (Darling-Hammond, 2006b; Gigliotti, 2012; Ritchart, 2001). Research has consistently demonstrated the value of quality teachers, given their position as the "single most influential in-school factor in improving student learning" (Adoniou, 2013, p. 49) with a lasting impact on student outcomes