To evaluate versus to know the value of everything



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Hofmann, B., Saarni, S., Braunack-Mayer, A. J. & Rogers, W. (2012). To evaluate versus to know the value of everything. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 28 (2), 196-197.


Kathrin Dengler and Uta Bittner demand a full-fledged philosophy of values in our empirical study of various methods for ethical analysis in health technology assessment (HTA). This may be like putting the classification of disease on hold until the concept of disease is clarified, or postponing the development of health care until the term “health” is clarified. As Dengler and Bittner rightly point out, the term value has many meanings, and as they properly recognize: “[P]hilosophically, the definition of what is meant by ‘a good life’ or ‘well-being’ is a very challenging project.” Hence, it may be a bit over the top to crave that we solve eternal issues in an empirical article on methodology.

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