Carers' hope, wellbeing and attitudes regarding recovery



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Marshall, S., Deane, F., Crowe, T., White, A. & Kavanagh, D. (2013). Carers' hope, wellbeing and attitudes regarding recovery. Community Mental Health Journal, 49 (3), 344-353.


Carers are important to the recovery of their relatives with serious mental disorder however, it is unclear whether they are aware of, or endorse recent conceptualisations of recovery. This study compared carers' and mental health workers' recovery attitudes, and undertook multivariate predictions of carers' wellbeing, hopefulness and recovery attitudes. Participants were 82 Australian family members caring for a relative with psychosis. Carers' average recovery attitudes were less optimistic than for previously surveyed staff. Carers' recovery attitudes were predicted by perceptions that their relative's negative symptoms were more severe. Hopefulness and wellbeing was predicted by more positive and less negative caregiving experiences. Hopefulness was also predicted by less frequent contacts with their affected relative, and unexpectedly, by perceptions of more severe psychotic symptoms. Carers' wellbeing was further predicted by having a partner and having no lifetime history of a mental disorder. Hope and wellbeing are affected by everyday challenges and positive experiences of caregiving.

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