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Andresen, R., Caputi, P. & Oades, L. (2013). Development of a short measure of psychological recovery in serious mental illness: the STORI-30. Australasian Psychiatry, 21 (3), 267-270.


Objective: To develop a brief measure of stage of psychological recovery from mental illness by identifying the best-performing items of the 50-item Stages of Recovery Instrument (STORI). Method: Item response modelling was used to identify a short form of the full-length STORI. The resulting items were subjected to factor analysis to further refine the subscales. A second data set was used to confirm the construct validity of the new measure. A correlational analysis was conducted to examine relationships among the five subscale scores. Results: Analyses identified 30 items that represented the five stages of the full STORI. The five stage subscale scores of the shorter measure, the STORI-30, showed a pattern of correlations that demonstrated an ordinal relationship between the stages. Conclusions: There is a need for recovery-oriented measures to augment established clinical assessment tools. The shorter version of the STORI, the STORI-30, shows promise as a brief measure of stage of recovery, more feasible for routine clinical use. Further psychometric and longitudinal testing is recommended. Qualitative research would be valuable in establishing acceptability to consumers and the clinical usefulness of the STORI-30.



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