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Agostinis-Sobrinho, C. A., Moreira, C., Abreu, S., Lopes, L., Sardinha, L. B., Oliveira-Santos, J., Oliveira, A., Mota, J. & Santos, R. (2017). Muscular fitness and metabolic and inflammatory biomarkers in adolescents: Results from LabMed Physical Activity Study. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 27 (12), 1873-1880.


This study aimed to evaluate the associations between muscular fitness and inflammatory biomarkers and to investigate the relationship between muscular fitness and selected clustered inflammatory biomarkers in adolescents. This is a cross-sectional analysis with 529 adolescents (267 girls) aged 12-18 years. Handgrip strength and standing long jump tests assessed MF. Continuous scores of clustered inflammatory biomarkers (sum of Z-scores of C-reactive protein [CRP], C3, C4, fibrinogen, and leptin); metabolic risk factor (MRF) score (sum of Z-scores of SBP, triglycerides, ratio total cholesterol [TC]/HDL, HOMA-IR, and waist circumference [WC]) were computed. Regression analyses showed an inverse association between muscular fitness score (β=−.204; P

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