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Mugumbate, J. & Nyanguru, A. (2013). Measuring the challenges of people with epilepsy in Harare, Zimbabwe. Neurology Asia, 18 (1), 29-33.


In this 6 months study the researchers measured the challenges of people with epilepsy who were all members of the Epilepsy Support Foundation in Harare, Zimbabwe. Possible challenges arising from the various aspects of life of 60 people with epilepsy were measured using a Problem Index Questionnaire for People with Epilepsy adapted from Dr. John Collings Problem Index method which was used at Leeds Polytechnic in 1990 to develop the British Epilepsy Association's Charter for Epilepsy. The method uses a short questionnaire that has a set of problem areas with three possible responses, 'no problem', 'some problems' and 'serious problems'. The index was found by combining 'some problems' and 'serious problems' and reflects the degree to which an aspect of life was problematic. Results from interviews and observations were also utilised. The study shows that the people with epilepsy's major life challenges are psychosocial, followed by economic and lifestyle. The most common issues regarded as problematic are: securing adequate income (93%), society's attitude (87%), stigma (87%), standard of living (83%), memory (83%), overprotection (78%), finding and maintaining employment (78%).