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Ansari, R. M., Harris, M., Zwar, N. & Hosseinzadeh, H. (2017). A Quantitative Research on Self-management of Type 2 Diabetes. Primary Health Care: Open Access, 7 (3), 273-1-273-2.


The self-management of type diabetes is an essential part of life for the patients with diabetes to have a better and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, diabetes self-management is related to enhanced knowledge of diabetes, improved overall behaviour and discipline to adhere to diet and physical activity recommendations resulting in a better outcome. Therefore, there is a need for all the required resources to be integrated in order to achieve the benefits associated with selfmanagement. Wagner et al. provided a framework for integrating the resources and supports for self-management with key components of clinical care in a chronic care model. The purpose of this short communication is to highlight the aims of this study which is using quantitative approach and methodology to determine the relationship between cultural beliefs and illness, social support in the population (40-60 years) of the rural area of Pakistan.



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