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Keygnaert, I., Dedoncker, K., van Egmond, K., Temmerman, M., Nostlinger, C., Loos, J., Kennedy, P., Dias, S., Tavira, L. T., Craveiro, I., Ioannidi, E., Kampriani, E., Wassie, N., Sienkiewicz, D. & Vloeberghs, E. (2009). Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Undocumented Migrants. Ghent, Belgium: Academia Press.


In 2006 the European Refugee Fund undertook a call for proposals, which resulted in the project presented in this report. The 18-month project started on 1 August 2007 and ran until 31 January 2009. The general aim of the project was to improve the SRH of refugees and asylum seekers in the EU, by setting up a network for the promotion of the SRH&R of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and beyond.