Wild tradition: Hunting and nature in regional Sweden and Australia



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Adams, M. (2017). Wild tradition: Hunting and nature in regional Sweden and Australia. In L. Head, K. Saltzman, G. Setten & M. Stenseke (Eds.), Nature, Temporality and Environmental Management: Scandinavian and Australian perspectives on peoples and landscapes (pp. 94-111). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.


In this chapter I discuss human interaction with 'wild' landscapes, plants, fungi and animals in regional areas of Australia and Sweden. The chapter uses empirical and ethnographic data to connect with discussions about wild food, nature and belonging in two particular regions of Sweden and Australia. The role of first-hand encounter - embodied relationships to the knowledge of nature - and how this interacts with concepts of time underpins my examination of changing traditions. Similarly, the role of food cultures as an agent of transformation in national and cultural identity informs my discussion of belonging. As demonstrated in this chapter, wild is a challenging concept, subject to much recent discussion, and with different contexts in Sweden and Australia.

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