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Chaichi, A., Bakand, S. & Yarahmadi, R. (2016). Evaluation and comparison of job stress among security workers with fixed and shift work schedules in Municipality of Tehran. International Journal of Human Capital in Urban Management, 1 (3), 199-208.


Municipality of Tehran with huge number of employees and with the aim to reduce stress and promote the work efficiency, seriously wants to achieve suitable and utilizable studies. Osipow's job stress test is one of the best tools to reach this aim. Data population includes securities building of municipality of Tehran (88 persons from region 18 and 72 persons from region 20), who were randomly chosen to be participated in the current survey. For this purpose three types of working hours schedule such as full time shift ( 24 hrs work, 24 hrs rest ), day-shift and night-shift workers, were selected. Data were analyzed by SPSS software and processed by a professional test, MANOVA. Difference of scores in workload role and insufficiency role in subjects with considering of age groups in confidence 95% was valuable (p<0.05). Differences of scores in job stress and subscales of insufficiency role, ambiguity role with considering of work shifts in confidence 95% were statistically significant (p<0.05). At the end, differences of scores in subscales of role rang and responsibility with considering of job regions in confidence 95% were statistically significant (p<0.05).This survey determined that stress decreased with increasing the age. Also work shift had important role in the amount of stress. Therefore, the lowest level of stress was among night-shift workers and the highest stress level was among day-shift workers and 24-24 group was between them. Of course region of workers was related with job stress.



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