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Taylor, S., Arrowsmith, C. & Cook, N. (2014). "A Band on Every Corner": Using Historical GIS to Describe Changes in the Sydney and Melbourne Live Music Scenes. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 1307 1-11.


This paper demonstrates the use of historical Geographic Information Systems (historical GIS) to investigate live music in Sydney and Melbourne. It describes the creation of a tailored historical geodatabase built from samples of gig listings (comprising dates, locations, and performer names), and how this historical geodatabase offers insight into the changing dynamics of performers and venue locations. The major findings from the analyses using the developed historical geodatabase are that neither city showed a decline in live music performance or performer numbers, but Melbourne increased at a greater rate than Sydney. Further, the spatial concentration within Melbourne has been far greater than that for Sydney. While Melbourne has expanded numerically but shrunk spatially, Sydney has experienced a geographic dispersion of performances throughout the study period.