Manual of psychosocial rehabilitation

King, R., Lloyd, C., Meehan, T., Deane, F. P. & Kavanagh, D. J. (Eds.). (2012). Manual of psychosocial rehabilitation. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.


The Manual of Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a comprehensive ready-reference for mental health practitioners and students, providing practical advice on a wide range of interventions for psychosocial rehabilitation. It contextualises the interventions described, provides pointers to enable the reader to explore the theory and research, and aims to make psychosocial rehabilitation a living process rather than an abstraction. This manual recognises the wide-ranging impact of mental illness and its ramifications on daily life. It promotes a recovery model of psychosocial rehabilitation and aims to empower clinicians to engage their clients in tailored rehabilitation plans. The book is divided into five key sections: Assessment Tools; Therapeutic Skills and Interventions; Reconnecting to Community; Peer Support and Self-Help; Bringing It All Together. This is a highly practical manual of interventions for health professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers, and is also a valuable resource and guide for students on placement in settings that provide psychosocial rehabilitation.