Changing Use of Social Media Tools by Preservice Primary Teachers to Learn Science



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Nielsen, W., Rezaaee, A. & Moll, R. (2016). Changing Use of Social Media Tools by Preservice Primary Teachers to Learn Science. In L. Dyson, W. Ng & J. Fergusson (Eds.), 15th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning, mLearn 2016 (pp. 198-203). Sydney: University of Technology.

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ISBN: 9780987502032


In this study, we draw from data gathered at two points of preservice primary teach-ers' B.Ed. program to gain an understanding of how their use of social media for learning sci-ence changed over the degree program. The preservice teachers (PST) completed the Social Media and Science Learning Survey twice, in their first year science methods subject and again during an environmental education subject in the fourth year of the program. We use descriptive statistics and tests of significance to analyse the data set. Results suggest that these science learners use many of the same sorts of social media tools and behaviours in their learning and everyday use. To some extent, they also utilized a wider range of social media tools by the fourth year of their studies. As mobile technologies and social media tools become increasingly ubiquitous, understanding how science learners actually use social media for learning can help teacher educators to better utilize the learning potential offered, particularly in terms of engag-ing with the teaching profession

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