Classroom ready? Building resilience in teacher education



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Mansfield, C., Beltman, S., Weatherby-Fell, N. & Broadley, T. (2016). Classroom ready? Building resilience in teacher education. In R. Brandenburg, S. McDonough, J. Burke & S. White (Eds.), Teacher Education: Innovation, Intervention and Impact (pp. 211-229). Singapore: Springer.


This chapter discusses how an innovative online learning resource designed to support pre-service teachers in building capacity for professional resilience can also support the development of "classroom ready" teachers. The process of developing the Building Resilience in Teacher Education (BRiTE) resource is explained and results from an evaluation with key stakeholders presented. Findings regarding the content and online design of the resource were positive and confirmed the usefulness and relevance of the resource for pre-service teachers and in teacher education programs. It is argued that a resilience-focused approach to developing non-academic key capabilities is efficacious. Through the development of a resource that is personalised, interactive, connected to the profession and grounded in the literature, the BRiTE resource may complement teacher education experiences and have the potential to support not only pre-service teachers and teacher educators, but also practising teachers.

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