Smoker identity among occasional smokers: findings from Minnesota



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Lee, J., Boyle, R. G., D'Silva, J., St. Claire, A. W., Whittet, M. N. & Kinney, A. M. (2013). Smoker identity among occasional smokers: findings from Minnesota. American Journal of Health Behavior, 37 (4), 525-530.


Objectives: To investigate characteristics of occasional smokers who deny being smokers (ie, deniers). Methods: Data were from 3 rounds of the Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey (MATS 2003, 2007, and 2010), a statewide, cross-sectional, and random-digit-dial telephone survey. Results: Nearly half of occasional smokers did not view themselves as smokers. Characteristics that were predictive of being a denier included less perceived harm from secondhand smoke, fewer days smoked, and fewer cigarettes smoked per day. Conclusions: Denial of being a smoker is primarily characterized by very light smoking. Future communication efforts should be tailored for this group.

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