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Byrne, M. & Howells, K. (2000). Key issues in the provision of correctional services for women. Women in corrections : staff and clients (pp. 1-7).


The time has arrived for a more detailed analysis of the specific needs of female offenders. Even though there is an increasing prevalence, internationally, of women in prison, there is a perception in the literature that governments and correctional systems have failed to deliver reforms and changes in the management of women prisoners. The extent of need identified in the international literature is of relevance to Australia, where the number of female prisoners also appears to be on the increase - in 1983 women comprised 3.9% of the entire prison population, in 1990, 5.4% and in 1998: 6%. Easteal (1992) noted this increase as early as 1992 and suggested that a trend towards lengthier sentences, 'truth in sentencing' legislation, a higher proportion of women on remand and an increased frequency of drug offences were contributory factors to this rise. This paper will briefly survey the specific needs of female prisoners, discuss some of the actions required to meet these needs and exemplify the problem with respect to anger.