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Cardoso, A., Byrne, M. & Xavier, M. (2016). Treatment adherence in psychiatric disorders: The impact of the attitudes and beliefs of mental health professionals in psychiatry services in Portugal. Part I: Conceptual and methodological aspects. Revista Portuguesa de Saude Publica, 34 (3), 209-219.


Introduction Among the chronic health diseases are psychiatric disorders and it is well established that within this population there is a particularly high prevalence of non‐adherence to treatment. Methods Narrative review, of relevant literature. Results The majority of the research has focused primarily on the factors related to the patient that interfere with treatment adherence. However, there are studies that seem to indicate that the responsibility for increasing adherence is more related with the health professional than the patient. Conclusions Through the identification of factors associated with clinicians, we enable the development strategies to increase skills in mental health professionals and that may have an important role in the treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders.



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