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Verenikina, I., Kervin, L., Rivera, M. & Lidbetter, A. (2016). Digital play: Exploring young children’s perspectives on applications designed for preschoolers.Global Studies of Childhood, 6 (4), 1-12.


This study builds on and contributes to research on digital play with young children. Previous research has examined digital play from different viewpoints, but no studies have specifically addressed young children's perspectives as they interact with applications (apps) that have been designed specifically for their age group. While our review of the literature provides insights from investigations of young children's perspectives, there is limited research on preschoolers' views on the apps designed for them by adults. In this article, we discuss young participants' perspectives on the apps that they engaged with in our research. In particular, we emphasise the importance of various contexts for digital play in relation to meaningful conversations and social interactions. Our findings provide insights about how children choose to engage in digital play and through this, pose implications for the design of apps.



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