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Kaltoft, M. Kjer., Nielsen, J. Bo., Salkeld, G. & Dowie, J. (2015). Enhancing healthcare provider feedback and personal health literacy: Dual use of a decision quality measure. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 218 74-79.


In this protocol for a pilot study we seek to establish the feasibility of using a web-based survey to simultaneously supply healthcare organisations and agencies with feedback on a key aspect of the care experience they provide and increase the generic health decision literacy of the individuals responding. The focus is on the person's involvement in decision making, an aspect of care which is seriously under-represented in current surveys if one adopts the perspective of person-centred care. By engaging with an instrument to assess decision quality the person can, in the one action, provide a retrospective evaluation of a past decision making experience in a specific provider context and enhance their competency in future decision making in any setting. We see this as an exercise in context-sensitive educational health informatics.



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