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Dadich, A. & Hosseinzadeh, H. (2012). Knowledge translation in an era of reform. Managing for Volatility and Instability: 26th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (pp. 1-19).


Knowledge translation can be difficult, particularly during volatile and unstable healthcare reform. This can have significant implications. The aim of this paper is to determine what works when facilitating knowledge translation. General Practitioners (n=214) were surveyed about their awareness, their use, the perceived impact, and the factors that hindered the use of four resources to promote sexual healthcare - a placard, online training, face-to-face training, and an educational booklet. All four resources were perceived to improve clinical ability. However, the placard appeared to have greatest reach and use. Relatively inexpensive tools that provide instructive guidance may therefore be an effective and efficient way to facilitate knowledge translation, despite the volatility and instability of the Australian healthcare system.