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Dadich, A., Hosseinzadeh, H., Abbott, P. & Reath, J. (2012). GP project: Process and impact evaluation. Sydney, Australia: University of Western Sydney.


University of Western Sydney (UWS) was commissioned by the NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections Programs Unit (STIPU) to evaluate the General Practitioner (GP) Project in collaboration Prof. Usherwood and Dr Kang. The GP Project aimed to promote the delivery of evidence-based sexual healthcare within primary care in NSW; this was addressed through the development, promotion, and delivery of nine items tailored for NSW GPs and practice nurses (PNs). For GPs, the items include a double-sided A4-size STI Testing Tool; the online STI Resources for General Practice; a Drivetime Radio Medical CD, which included an interview related to STIs; the Online STI Testing Tool GP Training; an STI Active Learning Module (ALM) for General Practitioners; three sexual health articles in General Practice periodicals; and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Check booklet. For PNs, items included the Practice Nurse Postcard on pap smears and chlamydia, and Online STI Practice Nurse Training.