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O'Neill, P. & McGuirk, P. (2007). Towards an Antipodean theory of space. In P. O'Neill & G. Wrightson (Eds.), Proceedings of the ARCRNSISS Methodology, Tools and Techniques and Spatial Theory Paradigm Forums Workshop (pp. 207-216). Melbourne, Australia: RMIT Publishing.


The paper explores the idea of a critique of Antipodean theory of space as one agenda for the Spatial Theory paradigm in ARCRNSISS. The paper has three parts. First it seeks to resuscitate aspirations for a distinctive Antipodean understanding of Australia's socio-cultural, economic, personal and organisational spaces. It argues that theoretical advances underpinning such a project require an appreciation of the role of intertextuality and metaphor in theory building. Second, it identifies the nature and role of imported metaphors of space, especially those from northern hemisphere academic hearths, and how these have impacted on Australian life. Third, it speculates on the dimensions of a collaborative research project for the building of a more self-conscious understanding of space useful in both academic research and public policy settings.