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Palmisano, S., Hill, H. & Allison, R. S. (2016). The nature and timing of tele-pseudoscopic experiences. i-Perception, 7 (1), 1-24.


Interchanging the left and right eye views of a scene (pseudoscopic viewing) has been reported to produce vivid stereoscopic effects under certain conditions. In two separate field studies, we examined the experiences of 124 observers (76 in Study 1 and 48 in Study 2) while pseudoscopically viewing a distant natural outdoor scene. We found large individual differences in both the nature and the timing of their pseudoscopic experiences. While some observers failed to notice anything unusual about the pseudoscopic scene, most experienced multiple pseudoscopic phenomena, including apparent scene depth reversals, apparent object shape reversals, apparent size and flatness changes, apparent reversals of border ownership, and even complex illusory foreground surfaces. When multiple effects were experienced, patterns of cooccurrence suggested possible causal relationships between apparent scene depth reversals and several other pseudoscopic phenomena. The latency for experiencing pseudoscopic phenomena was found to correlate significantly with observer visual acuity, but not stereoacuity, in both studies.

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