Dimensions of anxiety sensitivity in the anxiety disorders: Evaluation of the ASI-3



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Wheaton, M. G., Deacon, B. J., McGrath, P. B., Berman, N. C. & Abramowitz, J. S. (2012). Dimensions of anxiety sensitivity in the anxiety disorders: Evaluation of the ASI-3. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 26 (3), 401-408.


Anxiety sensitivity (AS), the fear of sensations of anxious arousal based on beliefs about their harmful consequences, is increasingly recognized as a multidimensional construct. The recently developed Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 [ASI-3; Taylor, S., Zvolensky, M., Cox, B., Deacon, B., Heimberg, R., Ledley, D. R., et al. (2007). Robust dimensions of anxiety sensitivity: Development and initial validation of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (ASI-3). Psychological Assessment, 19, 176-188] measures three dimensions of AS: physical concerns, social concerns, and cognitive concerns. The ASI-3 shows promise, although further evaluation of its psychometric properties and validity in independent samples is needed. We evaluated the ASI-3 in a mixed sample of anxiety disorder patients (N=506) and undergraduate student controls (N=315). The measure demonstrated a stable 3-factor structure and sound psychometric properties, with the three factors showing theoretically consistent patterns of associations with anxiety symptoms and diagnoses. ASI-3 total scores were less discriminative. Implications for conceptual models of anxiety are discussed.

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