A framework for adaptive learning design in a web-conferencing environment



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Bower, M. (2016). A framework for adaptive learning design in a web-conferencing environment. Learning Design: Conceptualizing a Framework for Teaching and Learning Online (pp. 223-255). New York, United States: Routledge.


This chapter presents findings from a three-semester design-based research study that investigated how to adaptively design an online multimodal (Web-conferencing) environment to meet the evolving cognitive and collaborative requirements of learning activities. Capturing and sharing successful patterns of collaboration and meaning making in Web-conferencing environments is particularly useful because compared to single-modality technologies (such as discussion boards or straight text-chat) design possibilities are more complex, and thus leave greater possibility for suboptimal design by novice designers. While the study related to teaching graduate students computing through a Web-conferencing platform, the outcomes of the study provide a framework to make sensible adaptive learning design decisions for a variety of learners, subject areas and multimodal learning systems.

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