The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design - 2013



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Dalziel, J., Conole, G., Wills, S., Walker, S., Bennett, S., Dobozy, E., Cameron, L., Badilescu-Buga, E. & Bower, M. (2016). The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design - 2013. In J. Dalziel (Eds.), Learning Design: Conceptualizing a Framework for Teaching and Learning Online (pp. 1-41). New York, United States: Routledge.


This chapter describes how the new field of Learning Design contributes to the central challenge of improving teaching and learning. Learning Design can assist educators to describe effective teaching ideas so that they can be shared with, and adapted by, other educators. While the field has primarily focussed on higher education and K-12 schools to date, it also has implications for vocational and professional training. This chapter describes how ongoing work to develop a descriptive language for teaching and learning activities (often including the use of technology) is changing the way educators think about planning and facilitating educational activities. The ultimate goal of Learning Design is to convey great teaching ideas among educators in order to improve student learning.

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