An institution wide approach to learning analytics



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Heath, J. & Leinonen, E. (2016). An institution wide approach to learning analytics. In M. Anderson & C. Gavan (Eds.), Developing Effective Educational Experiences through Learning Analytics (pp. 73-87). United States: IGI Global.


The desire to provide personalized learning support for students has been a strong driver of the development of learning analytics capabilities at the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia. A case study approach is taken to explore the diverse challenges faced when adopting an institution wide approach to learning analytics. Aspects explored include: establishing a clear strategy and governance, implementing foundation technology, developing and applying analytics and visualizations, managing organizational culture change, understanding student expectations, and addressing ethical challenges associated with learning analytics. This chapter draws upon the results of a UOW student survey conducted in late 2013 that explored first year student expectations regarding privacy in relation to learning analytics, and their preferred approach to interventions. Throughout it is noted that the academic endeavor, rather than technology and data management, drives the UOW adoption of learning analytics.

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