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McCormick, J., Alavi, S. Babak. & Hanham, J. (2015). The importance of context when applying social cognitive theory in organizations. In A. Ortenblad (Eds.), Handbook of research on management ideas and panaceas: Adaptation and context (pp. 110-129). Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing.


It is argued that whilst Social Cognitive Theory has universal application in work organizations, and human functioning generally, it should not be applied without taking account of the work context. Three broad contextual categories, conceptually distinct from general organizational contexts, are canvassed: individual, team and cultural. Specific sub-contexts are discussed, not with the view of providing an exhaustive typology, but rather to provide some examples from the very large number of contextual factors that could have been selected. It is concluded that investigation of contextual differences is likely to be a fruitful pursuit for future research into the application of Social Cognitive Theory in organizations.



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