Students writing with new technologies: The 2015 Donald Graves Address



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Kervin, L. (2015). Students writing with new technologies: The 2015 Donald Graves Address. PETAA Paper, 201 1-12.


Professor Donald Graves' published research into how children learn to write revolutionised the teaching of writing in the 1980s, particularly for practitioners working in the early years of schooling. When Don passed away, in September 2010, he had written 26 books, numerous articles and spoken at many professional gatherings and conferences. He communicated with passion, reframed and raised learning expectations around student achievement and encouraged all educators to reflect powerfully and personally on their deepest teaching beliefs. To honour the importance of Donald Graves' contribution to the teaching profession, ALEA and PETAA support an annual Donald Graves Address. This address revisits key messages from Donald Graves' writings and research and draws connections with contemporary practice. This PETAA Paper, which takes in the 2015 Donald Graves Address by Associate Professor Lisa Kervin, identifies pertinent messages from Graves' work and considers what these might mean as children write with new technologies.

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