Exposure therapy for emetophobia: A case study with three-year follow-up



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Maack, D. J., Deacon, B. J. & Zhao, M. (2013). Exposure therapy for emetophobia: A case study with three-year follow-up. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 27 (5), 527-534.


Emetophobia, also referred to as a specific phobia of vomiting, is a largely under-researched and poorly understood disorder with prevalence estimates of ranging between 1.7 and 3.1% for men and 6 and 7% for women (Hunter & Antony, 2009; Philips, 1985). The current case study, therefore, sought to methodically apply exposure-based behavioral treatment to the treatment of a 26 year-old, Hispanic, female suffering from emetophobia. Although not as powerful as a randomized design, this description may still add to the existing emetophobia literature through the illustration of adaptation of published behavioral treatments for other specific phobias. The case presented was successful in terms of outcome, and includes a three-year follow up wherein treatment gains were measurably maintained.

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