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Hawkins, H., Cabeen, L., Callard, F., Castree, N., Daniels, S., DeLyser, D., Neely, H. & Mitchell, P. (2015). What might GeoHumanities do? Possibilities, practices, publics, and politics. GeoHumanities, 1 (2), 211-232.


This article draws together seven practitioners and scholars from across the diffuse GeoHumanities community to reflect on the pasts and futures of the GeoHumanities. Far from trying to circle the intellectual wagons around orthodoxies of practice or intent, or to determine possibilities in advance, these contributions and the accompanying commentary seek to create connections across the diverse communities of knowledge and practice that constitute the GeoHumanities. Ahead of these six contributions a commentary situates these discussions within wider concerns with interdisciplinarity and identifies three common themes-possibilities practices, and publics-worthy of further discussion and reflection. The introduction concludes by identifying a fourth theme, politics, that coheres these three themes in productive and important ways.



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