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Pickard, J. A., Caputi, P. & Grenyer, B. F. S. (2016). Mindfulness and emotional regulation as sequential mediators in the relationship between attachment security and depression. Personality and Individual Differences, 99 179-183.


Depression is a significant global health issue that has previously been associated with negative early care experiences and insecure attachment styles. This has led to much interest in identifying variables that may interrupt this relationship and prevent detrimental personal, social and economic outcomes. Recent research has indicated associations between the two seemingly distinct constructs of secure attachment and mindfulness, with similar positive outcomes. One hundred and forty eight participants completed an online survey exploring a possible sequential cognitive processing model, which predicted that higher levels of mindfulness and then emotional regulation would mediate the relationship between attachment and depression. Full mediation was found in regards to secure, preoccupied and dismissive attachment, whereas partial mediation was identified in the case of fearful attachment. The results support the possibility of an alternative cognitive processing pathway that may interrupt the association between negative early care experiences and concomitant negative mental health outcomes. Further exploration of this relationship is indicated.



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