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Shin, Y. Ju., Lee, J. Kyu. & Miller-Day, M. (2013). The effects of maternal emotional wellbeing on mother-adolescent communication and youth emotional wellbeing. Communication Research Reports, 30 (2), 137-147.


Communication among children and their parents is consequential for children's development and adjustment. These concerns are particularly relevant for mothers in low-income households, who are more likely to experience depressive symptoms and low self-efficacy than mothers in other socioeconomic groups, with these problems often negatively impacting the emotional wellbeing of children in the household. This study examined associations among maternal emotional wellbeing, parent-adolescent communication, and adolescents' emotional wellbeing in a sample of 93 low-income mothers and adolescents. The results indicated that high reports of maternal self-efficacy were significantly related to perceptions of open and satisfying mother-adolescent communication. In addition, the results showed that open and satisfying mother-adolescent communication was significantly associated with high levels of youth self-efficacy, as well as lower reports of youth depressive symptoms. Practical implications for communication research and interventions targeting families and youth wellbeing are discussed.



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