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Salvador-Carulla, L., Fernandez, A., Mass, C., Smith-Merry, J., Gillespie, J., Astell-Burt, T. & Feng, X. (2016). The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Western Sydney. Sydney, Australia: Western Sydney Partners in Recovery.


Australians living with serious and continuing ill-health face bewilderingly complex health and social care systems. Even experienced health professionals have trouble navigating this health care maze. The mental health service system poses some of the greatest navigation challenges. The recovery of individuals living with mental health issues, requires a smooth link between acute and domiciliary health care, housing and other social care agencies. The need for simple rules of navigation is strong, but fragmentation and gaps in services remain great, confounding attempts to understand and organise appropriate care and support. The need for deeper knowledge about the mental health system in Western Sydney motivated Western Sydney Partners in Recovery to fund the development of the Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Western Sydney. The aim of this Atlas is twofold; 1) to help providers and consumers to navigate the system, by improving their knowledge about the services available in the area; and 2) as a tool for evidence-informed planning, as it presents a critical analysis of the pattern of mental health care provided within the boundaries of Western Sydney Local Health District.