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Perlman, D. (2015). Self-determined pedagogy and the amotivated student: Influence on student game play. The Shield, 10 12-28.


An aspect deemed important in regards to student learning in physical education is the ability to demonstrate diverse skills within a variety of movement settings (National Association for Sport and Physical Education, 2004). Alderman, Beighle and Pangrazi (2006) suggest that motivation is a powerful influence on student learning of importance to this study is how to facilitate learning (i.e. psychomotor and cognitive) for students with low levels of motivation. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of self-determined pedagogy on amotivated student‟s motivation and game play. 81 (Male=41; Female=40) amotivated students were engaged in one of two treatment groups (self-determined pedagogy or control). Data were collected using a pretest and post test design whereby students completed a battery of motivational surveys and played a twenty-minute game of volleyball. Data were analyzed using multiple repeated measures ANOVAs and revealed a significant change in amotivated student‟s level of relatedness and game play involvement. Results indicate support for using a self-determined approach toward teaching when meeting the needs of students with low levels of motivation.