Narcissistic and service-oriented leadership: Contrasting perspectives



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Ehrich, L. C., Ehrich, J. F. & Knight, J. (2012). Narcissistic and service-oriented leadership: Contrasting perspectives. Leading and Managing, 18 (2), 34-45.


Leadership writing has tended to present a positive picture about leadership practice yet, in recent times, researchers have highlighted the 'dark side' of leadership. In this exploratory conceptual paper, we juxtapose two contrasting forms of leadership: narcissistic leadership and service-oriented leadership (that draws heavily upon servant leadership) in order to provide a better understanding of both of these forms. In particular, we explore four core constructs of leadership: service, power, role of followers, and morality, to provide a contrast. Given that little empirical works exists on narcissistic and servant leadership in educational contexts, the article concludes by arguing for further research in the field.

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